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How To Make Your Site Work Harder For Your Business- Using Words

Websites are the best global marketing tool available for small and medium sized businesses – more cost effective than any other media to help you market to an almost unlimited number of people. The only problem is, most companies aren’t taking full advantage. Read on to see check how to make your site work harder for your business…

Communicate More With Your Audience

The first version of the modern WordPress site was conceived as a basic blog. The goal? To make it easy for people to share their thoughts via online articles. As a result the WordPress platform makes it extremely simple for you, the user to add blog articles (like this one) to your website. Blog articles for business websites are great as they are your opportunity to show your audience what you know on relevant topics for your business.

Blog articles are valuable in 4 main ways

  • Driving visitors to your site

If you are registered with search engines (Google/Bing/ Baidu) then by writing articles by using words that people are searching for (keywords) you increase your chances of being picked up by casual web searches. For example, we now receive regular enquiries about both WordPress and WeChat as a result of people finding us by searching to solve their problems using Google.

  • Converting visitors into leads

If people are coming to your site, they have questions about what you do. The more questions you can answer on your website, the more chance those visitors will better understand what it is you offer and how it can be valuable to them. As a result you will receive more queries and interest in providing your solution to their problem.

  • Establishing your authority in your industry

If you take the time to create articles that demonstrate your knowledge in your specialised area, you are communicating that you are an authority who can be trusted as a professional to solve the customer’s problems. This is extremely valuable when persuading clients that you are the right choice for them!!

  • Long  term benefits are exponential

If you post a new article today, it doesn’t disappear tomorrow. It stays on the web until you take it down. Not only will it be on your site, but it is available for readers to tell their friends about and for new prospects to search for in search engines. The value of a good article is exponential over time, being viewed, shared more as time goes on. In addition your articles can be of great value to your staff. You can direct them to your articles with new ideas and updates about what the company is doing and where it is heading. It’s a great way to have everyone in the organisation

Web Copy

Words can be powerful tools. Don’t bore your visitors with stuffy long descriptions of things that only you care about. Focus on your customers. Even better – focus on their problems!!

Good web copy engages visitors and encourages them to read more, or take some form of action. Remember your website is there to make you sales first and foremost!! Who are those buyers? How should you talk to them? Are you clearly showing them that you are valuable to them and can solve their problem? If not, its time to reconsider how you use words on the web to show the world what your company is all about and how you can deliver solutions for customers.

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