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How Can I Optimise My Web Presence?

As we all know there are many kinds of website. Different companies and audiences have different needs, so there is clearly no such thing as one size fits all on the web. The key is to get the most out of what you’ve got, regardless of budget or functionality. Here’s a few things to think about with regards to your site…

Simple Design

A lot of businesses can get caught up in trying too hard to attract attention in the wrong ways. Your website is, of course, extremely important as your permanent home on the web. The point here is to understand what will help your customers, which is not necessarily the same thing as you might have in mind. If you don’t have much experience of web design, then it’s most likely a good idea to pay attention to the opinions of people who do. As a business owner it can be hard sometimes to delegate and trust others to take care of your project. When you hire a professional agency, it is in their best interest to give you a result that works for your business, so its smart to draw on their experience when you make decisions.

Modern websites now have fairly simple designs and layouts. This makes the journey to finding products and information smooth and effortless for the user. Organising pages well and giving the right information at the right time makes your site easy-to-use and therefore keeps people on your site for longer, increasing their chances of buying from you or returning to your site at a later time.

Optimised Site

When someone arrives at your site for the first time you have around 7 seconds of attention before they start losing focus. Slow loading images and complicated wording will take time for your user to digest. Avoid this with clear and concise words and images that are properly optimised for the web.

Images: If you can crop it, crop it. If you can cut out a word or two – do it. Most readers on the web scan rather than study – maybe not so much for an in depth educational article, but definitely on a business site where finding out if they are interested in your offering is their purpose. This is particularly important for e-commerce stores and sites where customers are buying directly from the site. We’ll be doing a more in-depth post about site speed in the future, so pop back if that interests you!

Educate Your Visitors

Does your site clearly explain how you can help people? Frequently visitors have lots of questions about what you are selling and need some information in order to either make a purchase, or more importantly, make the right purchase. The most effective way to do this is to start writing a regular blog for your website. This demonstrates to your customers that you are keeping up with trends and changes in your industry and helps to build trust and confidence in you as a company. Articles on your site can save you time and money by explaining common queries to customers so that you don’t have to explain so much to them when they do contact you for an enquiry. In addition you can put a “call to action” at the end of each blog post which instructs visitors to take some form of action, for example engaging with you. So why not engage with us right now?

We’re really keen to help you with any help on anything in this article. Ask us your most urgent question and  we’ll happily get back to you with some useful advice and steps to implement to improve your web presence and make it easier for your customers to buy from you. What are you waiting for? E-mail us now.

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