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5 Ways To Make Your Website Work Better For Your Business

During my university years studying Interactive Media, we often discussed what is truly interactive. It was a time when the internet was emerging, interactive TV was coming, video games consoles were going online and I got my first mobile phone with a built in camera. A lot of the things we discussed have already come to pass and the proliferation of the internet has gone global. So what is the shift that traditional media is making and how can businesses do more to utilise their own websites?

Traditional Media Is A One Way Affair

TV, radio, cinema, advertising, billboards etc are about sending a message repeatedly to the viewer. In the past there was not much reason or way for viewers to get a message back to the original message creators! Of course there was a conversation that may occur after a message has been read, for example between friends or family. But it was fairly difficult with traditional media to tune into that discussion. For example after an advertisement has been shown on TV, who knows what the viewers said or thought about after that advertisement had aired?

Is Your Website Static?

So considering that traditional media is working in this one way setting, think about your own website? When was it last updated? When was the last time someone gave you feedback on it? When was the last time you checked how many visitors you have? Is your website using a traditional media method on a new media setting? If the answer is YES, then I think you could be in time for an update!

Here are 5 ways you can get more out of your website:

1) A website is not a static presentation of your company, it is powerful through point for a discussion with your customers!

If you cannot update your website, it is time to throw it out and get something you can update. A website is a tool and if you cannot update it then your tool is broken! Businesses cannot afford to sit on the by lines and not talk to their customers, you need to get yourself out into the discussion and your website is a great starting point.

2) Give Important People In Your Organisation Access To Editing & Writing Content For Your Website!

The knowledge and expertise of your business is in the people within your organistation. If you have been impressed or captivated by one of your employees, then why not let them speak more to your customers? Let them write up case studies, write a blog, send out newsletters or publish articles. All great ways to get more information about your company out there and give your employees a feeling of commitment and responsiblity to talk about your company.

3) Give your customers easy ways to contact you, write about you and show how they feel about you

Your heart rate may increase at the thought of letting your customers speak out about you or your product on your actual website, but the truth is without that information and discussion you are missing a valuable way to improve. Possible ways to get more feedback from your audience are company or product blogs, forums, contact forms, 24 hour online support.

4) Find out where your customers hang out online, and go hang out there too

In order to help move discussions to your website, think about where your potential customers are hanging out online. Perhaps it is on websites such as Linkedin, or forums connected to your product or services, or networking groups. Where ever it maybe, contributing to a discussion in those places and linking back to your website could help make useful new connections.

5) If you are not sure where to start, get some pro’s in to help

It can be a daunting task just to think about new technology or new concepts, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t act as soon as possible. The first steps can be the most difficult, but after you have the right tools and the direction, you will be on the path to having a website that serves your oragnisation better.

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