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Register Your .CN Domain Name

.CN domain names are the most trusted domains in China and can help protect your product or brand.

Register Chinese domain TLD's

.CN Domain Names
.COM.CN Domain Names
.NET.CN Domain Names
.ORG.CN Domain Names

A .CN domain can help protect your brand in China

.CN is the official domain name for China, and is often what Chinese consumers look out for to help them recognise a brand is available in China.

For SEO a .CN domain name helps your search engine ranking on Baidu, China’s answer to Google.

Protect your business, brand or products in China. If you already own a .com, register the matching .cn domain. This keeps others from registering your .cn and using it to take potential customers away from your website.

Grow your business in China with Chinese domain names

Can I register a .CN domain name outside of China?

Yes. Anyone can register a domain name and you don’t need to be physically present in China, however if you want to host a website or link your email address, the real name validation process will be necessary to confirm your registration with the correct documents.

As I am not Chinese, can I still register a Chinese domain name?

Yes. Chinese domain names are open to you, including .CN, .COM.CN, .ORG.CN and .NET.CN are all available able to purchase, but to point it to a website or connect an email address, you will need to activate your domain name via the real name validation process.

What are the steps to register my .CN domain name?

The first step is to register a .cn domain, China’s official domain name. While anyone may register a .cn domain, using it for email or a website requires the registrant to verify their personal or business identity.

So simply having .cn in your web or email address tells everyone you’ve passed the verification process and can be trusted.

What documents are needed to register my China domain name?

You’ll need to upload a copy of valid documentation in order to begin the real name validation process. To use your domain name, you must provide one of the following:

  • A valid resident ID, temporary resident ID, business license or organization code certificate from China.
  • A valid resident ID, passport or business license from Hong Kong, Taiwan or Macau.
    A valid passport from Singapore.
  • A valid passport from all other countries and regions.

Once your documentation has been received, you’ll be notified within a few business days whether it has passed real name validation.

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