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Mirror Your Website In China

Enhance your brand's presence in China by mirroring a localised snapshot of your global website, ensuring a smooth user experience and optimal performance.

Trusted By Global Clients

A Localised Snapshot Of Your Global Website

Our technology captures a snapshot of your global website, and forwards it to servers in China, with enhanced localisation and optimisation along the way.

Speed Optimisation

Faster load times improve user engagement, website performance and search engine results. Our solution hosts static snapshots locally in China or nearby, served via CDN, optimised for the firewall, to ensure accelerated speed.

Zero Management Required

Simplify your workflow and save resources. By not needing to duplicate your entire website backend for China, our solution streamlines the updating process, and maintains consistency between your global and Chinese websites.

Compliance with Chinese Regulation

Compliance is crucial to success in the Chinese market. Ensuring adherence to local regulations not only protects your brand but also builds trust with the audience, demonstrating a commitment to respecting regional norms.

AI-Powered Localisation

Bridge language gaps authentically. Our solution employs AI-driven translations, coupled with human review, ensuring your content resonates culturally, fostering genuine connections with your Chinese audience.

Technical Resolutions

Navigating technical obstacles is essential for consistent online accessibility. Our tools identify and resolve blockages that may hinder proper website loading. Ensure a smooth, uninterrupted user experience, even in the face of technical hurdles.

China Domain (.CN, .COM.CN)

Trust is built on familiarity. A local domain not only signifies your commitment to the Chinese market but also instills confidence in your audience. Your Chinese website will be established on a local .CN or .COM.CN domain.

GHM Hotels Group

Reimagining Luxury: GHM Hotel’s Stunning Digital Makeover

The GHM Hotel Group’s website redesign, completed over a six-month period, achieved remarkable success. We succeeded in surmounting the challenge of rapid loading times for the Chinese website, thanks to localized mirroring of the .CN website and content optimization, vastly enhancing the user experience for the Chinese audience

How It Works?

Analyze & Test

Conduct a comprehensive analysis of your global website’s performance in China. Test for load times, identify potential issues, and gather insights crucial for creating a localized snapshot.

Technical Plan

Outline specific optimizations needed for the Chinese market. Determine the scope of localization, addressing both regulatory requirements and user expectations.


Leverage advanced AI for precise content localization. Implement accurate translations, combining automated processes with human review. Ensure your messaging aligns seamlessly with Chinese language and cultural nuances.

Technical Review

Conduct a thorough technical review of the localized snapshot. Verify content accuracy, test functionality, and ensure compliance with Chinese regulations. Finalize any adjustments necessary to guarantee a flawless and culturally resonant user experience.


After a final client review with any last-minute adjustments, we setup up the server, CDN, and Chinese domain name. Additionally, we assist in completing the ICP (Internet Content Provider) process, before publishing the website online.


Implement continuous monitoring to detect changes on your global website. Our system intuitively captures updates, triggering the creation of new localized snapshots, to ensure ongoing synchronization between your global and Chinese online presence.

Delivered Throughout China Over CDN

China-based Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Your Chinese website is seamlessly delivered over a China-based CDN, enhancing performance and reliability. Ensure a consistently smooth user experience, crucial for building and maintaining an engaged online audience.

All these features included as standard with our solution

Local Expertise and Support
China-Optimized Infrastructure
ICP License Support
99.99% Uptime
Scalability and Performance
Content Localisation
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