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WeChat Services & Solutions

WeChat is the most proven way to increase direct engagement with your Chinese audience, through marketing, sales, and even customer service.

WeChat Services

WeChat Shop

WeChat creates a powerful connection to your Chinese customers, offering both direct marketing capabilities and one-click purchase. WeChat in-built payment platform WeChat Wallet, allows customers to browse your store, and check out directly within WeChat. We closely connect our Clients stores with WeChat, so automatic login and WeChat pay work seamlessly.

WeChat Brand Content Marketing

Just like it is almost mandatory to have Instagram and Facebook pages for your brand, WeChat is the leading place for brands to engage with their followers in China. We write original content for your brand, product or service and publish and promote it to increase your brand presence and build up a following in China.

WeChat Mini Programs

WeChat has created an eco-system of light versions of popular apps, called WeChat Mini Programs. In fact many popular platforms in China started off as Mini Programs and as they have grown in popularity, they have been moved over to fully fledged apps. Mini Programs are only limited by your imagination, our development team is ready to make your ideas become a reality.

WeChat Advertising

Use WeChat to place targeted ads to your leads and existing customers. Select segments of your audience with specifically designed adverts, run and tracked for you. Receive reports on performance and improvements on your campaign to drive clear ROI and create more sales through WeChat advertising.


For the past decade Eggplant Digital has been successfully delivering online strategies in China for clients within a wide-variety of industries from around the world, such as Toshiba, Marriott Hotels and Lotus Cars.

Navigating the China market is complicated, and marketing, design and technology strategies that work outside of China, will most likely fail here.

Your companies success will be based on how well your digital agency guides your approach to China. Eggplant Digital has a rich understanding of the delicate differences within China culture and also fundamentally understands the western mindset.

We are the best fit because we save our clients time and money by developing and implementing strategies that work in China.

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Our Work

We love working on challenging projects and making you happy with our contribution to your business. We love the work we do, and are always happy to answer any questions about our process. Get in touch for a quote.

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