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Hong Kong Hosting For
WordPress Powered Sites

Eggplant Digital provides speedy WordPress Hosting in Hong Kong for your China based customers, get your business started in China today!

Our WordPress Cloud Customers

Features tailored to reaching your China audience

Managed Hosting

Eggplant Hosting offers fully-managed servers, keeping everything up-to-date and optimized for running your WordPress website.

Direct China Routing

Our servers are hooked directly up to the main China networks, so the speed is significantly faster for Chinese visitors than hosting locations in the US, Singapore and Europe.

Site Localization

Our dedicated support team will help you to bring your English WordPress website to a Chinese audience, with pain free website localisation and migration.

99.9% UPTIME

We know how important uptime is for your website. Eggplant Hosting is committed to providing you industry leading uptime for all your WordPress powered websites.


We keep the server software up-to-date and manage security patches to make sure your server isn’t vulnerable, providing reliable security for all our customers.

Daily Backups

Each server includes daily backups in case of a disaster. If the worst happens to your website, contact us and we’ll get you back up and running.

China Express Route

Without getting too technical, our WordPress Hosting in Hong Kong includes Direct China Routing, which basically means our servers are hooked directly up to the main China networks, so the speed is significantly faster for Chinese visitors than hosting locations n the US, Singapore and Europe.

Hong Kong WordPress Hosting Packages

Yearly Monthly
$24USD / m
$45USD / m

Enterprise Hosting

Contact us to discuss with our experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we are asked about our WordPress hosting packages, have a different questions? Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Do I need an ICP license?

An ICP license is only required if you want to host your website in Mainland China. Currently Hong Kong does not require an ICP  license.

What support do I get from WordPress Experts?

We are available to answer questions and troubleshoot problems related to WordPress, our hosting service or the website speed in China. If you need additional content adding or developer support, we also have Support Hours that can be purchased to allow us to spend time working on on your site.

How does the China Express Route help the loading speed of the site?

The China Express Route, is the connection between Hong Kong and mainland China via the top three carriers in China, including China Telecom, China Unicom, and China Mobile. It provides the highest resilience, redundancy and low latency direct connection to China, without actually being inside the firewall.

What are the best ways to contact you for support?

We do everything we can to make it as easy as possible for you to get in touch with us for support. You can also send a direct email to us, anytime, to: or use the  or if you are an existing client, login to your WordPress site and visit the Eggplant Support tab in your Dashboard.

Do you offer 24/7 technical support?

Our support hours are 9 AM – 8 PM China Standard Time, Monday through Friday. Any support tickets submitted during off-hours are immediately attended to during our regular support hours.

How do I downgrade or cancel my support plan?

In order to start the hosting plan downgrade process, please fill out our contact form. Our staff will reach out to you and provide instructions.

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