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Case Study

GHM Hotels Group

Reimagining Luxury: GHM Hotel's Stunning Digital Makeover


GHM, a renowned luxury hotel group, operates a collection of 5-star hotels in various locations, including Sharjah, Muscat, and Doha. Their online presence was outdated and lacked the elegance and sophistication that their brand represented. The GHM corporate site, as well as the individual hotel websites, required a complete overhaul to reflect the company’s high standards and provide an exceptional user experience. Additionally, GHM’s global presence necessitated a multilingual approach, with websites available in English, German, Arabic, and Chinese.

One challenging aspect of the project was ensuring that the Chinese version of the website loaded quickly within the Great Firewall, which required hosting and optimization measures specific to China.


The GHM website overhaul called for a detailed and strategic approach. A multilingual Content Management System (CMS) was selected to manage content efficiently across languages, ensuring a consistent brand message.

Global performance optimization entailed a meticulous selection of Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and server locations, reducing latency for the English, German, and Arabic versions. In the case of the Chinese website, specific hosting within mainland China was essential to bypass the Great Firewall and guarantee fast loading times.

The website’s design was a work of art, paying homage to GHM’s commitment to elegance and luxury, and integrated high-quality videos to provide a virtual tour experience. The individual hotel websites were seamlessly incorporated into the corporate site to enhance user experience and maintain brand uniformity. A focus on responsive design optimized the experience across various screen sizes, while extensive performance testing ensured fast and smooth loading across all targeted regions.


The GHM Hotel Group’s website redesign, completed over a six-month period, achieved remarkable success. The redesign impeccably captured GHM’s luxury brand image, delivering an engaging and visually stunning experience for visitors.

It notably succeeded in surmounting the challenge of rapid loading times for the Chinese website, thanks to localized hosting and content optimization, vastly enhancing the user experience for the Chinese audience. Simultaneously, the English, German, and Arabic versions of the site experienced swift loading times worldwide, bolstering accessibility and user engagement across the globe.

High-quality videos and comprehensive information is leading to increased user engagement, extended session durations, and a notable boost in conversion rates. Furthermore, the integration of individual hotel websites within the corporate site simplified user navigation for those interested in exploring multiple GHM properties. In sum, the GHM Hotel Group’s website redesign was not only technically proficient but also exceeded expectations in terms of design and user experience, further establishing GHM as a distinguished luxury hotel brand and widening their global reach with grace and sophistication.

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