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Case Study

Concourse Global

Innovative App Development for Empowering Students


Concourse Global is a startup organization dedicated to empowering students worldwide to pursue their dreams through international higher education. During the early stages of this mission, Concourse Global sought a strategic partner to help them bring their vision to life. They chose Eggplant Digital as their trusted partner.


Eggplant Digital seamlessly integrated into Concourse Global’s mission, working closely with the existing backend development team. The project had already established a strong foundation with a web app and database, attracting early student engagement. To expand their reach, especially in Asia, Eggplant Digital took on the task of developing Android and iOS apps. These apps, built using React Native, were skillfully connected to the existing API, creating a well-integrated ecosystem.

In the first year, Eggplant Digital employed an agile development approach, implementing monthly rolling sprints and regular app releases every 4-6 weeks. By the end of the year, Eggplant Digital had crafted an application packed with essential features for students, including:

  1. User-Friendly Onboarding: A seamless onboarding process welcomed students to the platform.
  2. Grade Entry: An intuitive feature allowed students to input their academic achievements.
  3. Personalized University Recommendations: Smart algorithms provided tailored university suggestions to help students make informed choices.
  4. Real-Time Communication: An integrated chat feature enabled students to connect with university staff instantly.
  5. QR Scanning: Innovative QR scanning features enhanced the student-university connection process.

Behind the scenes, Eggplant Digital also provided website design consultation, facilitating the launch of a marketing website on WordPress to boost Concourse Global’s online presence.


For any startup, success hinges on rapid market penetration and adaptability to seize new opportunities before resources are depleted. With Eggplant Digital’s technical expertise and strategic support, Concourse Global achieved significant growth and success. Multiple app versions were swiftly introduced, and the organization displayed remarkable agility in responding to market demands. This agility left a lasting impression on prospective university clients and facilitated the onboarding of thousands of students within the first year.

Concourse Global’s journey continues to be a success story, transitioning from a startup phase to a full-scale operation. In a significant development that underscores the remarkable journey of Concourse Global, the organization has been acquired by EAB, signifying a pivotal moment in the pursuit of empowering students to find the right colleges and scholarships.

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