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Case Study

The British Chambers of Commerce in China

Revitalizing Online Presence With Website Refresh


The British Chambers of Commerce (BritCham) recognized the need to revamp its online presence to keep pace with modern web standards and enhance user experience. The existing website, although functional, was outdated and not fully responsive, leading to a subpar user experience that could negatively impact member engagement and potential membership conversions. BritCham sought to refresh the website, focusing on a more contemporary and responsive design. This project aimed to update the homepage, improve the events page, remove unnecessary plugins to streamline performance, and integrate updated branding elements in line with BritCham’s latest identity guidelines.


To address these needs, Eggplant partnered with BritCham to deliver a comprehensive website refresh. The first step was to transition the website to a new, modern theme that was both visually appealing and highly responsive. This change aimed to create a clean and flexible design that reflected BritCham’s forward-thinking vision. The homepage underwent a significant transformation, adopting a less cluttered layout inspired by the British Chamber Shanghai website. This redesign included the use of visually engaging graphics and an extended display duration for news items to enhance visibility and user engagement.

The events page also saw substantial improvements. The outdated calendar was removed, and the existing code for events and the membership directory was reintegrated to ensure seamless functionality. Furthermore, we conducted a thorough plugin cleanup, identifying and removing unnecessary plugins like WooCommerce to improve website performance and load times. This process was carefully managed to ensure compatibility and stability, preventing any potential website crashes. Lastly, updated branding elements, including the new “shang/商” background, were incorporated to maintain consistency with BritCham’s latest brand identity guidelines. Old, outdated content was also removed to streamline the user experience and ensure relevance.


The project successfully resulted in a significantly improved BritCham website, which now boasts a modern and responsive design that enhances user experience and engagement. The homepage refresh provided a cleaner, more spacious layout with visually appealing elements that align with BritCham’s brand identity. The streamlined events page, with its reintegrated functionalities, offers a more user-friendly experience. The removal of unnecessary plugins not only optimized website speed but also improved overall performance, leading to faster load times and a more reliable user experience.

The integration of updated branding elements ensured that the website consistently reflected BritCham’s visual identity, reinforcing the organization’s brand. The cleanup of old content contributed to a more relevant and engaging online presence. Overall, these enhancements are expected to drive higher membership conversions by providing a more attractive and efficient online platform for current and potential members. The collaboration between BritCham and Eggplant resulted in a website that truly represents the modern, dynamic nature of the organization.

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