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Case Study

Marriott Group

Launching a High-Performing China Website for Marriott's Autograph Collection


The Marriott Group, a global leader in the hospitality industry, constantly seeks to expand its offerings and cater to a diverse range of customers. In this case, the challenge was to launch a new property in the Autograph Collection hotel range in Sanya, China. A crucial aspect of the expansion was to create a Chinese-facing website to effectively engage and capture the attention of the Chinese market. The success of this endeavor relied on a website that was not only aesthetically appealing but also high-performing, fast, and responsive. The Marriott Group turned to us to meet this ambitious requirement and help ensure a successful launch.


To address the Marriott Group’s need for a high-end, fast, and responsive website, we collaborated closely with the internal marketing team. Together, we designed and executed a comprehensive solution that would meet the specific demands of launching a Chinese-facing website.

  1. High-End Design and User Experience: we worked meticulously to create a visually stunning website that aligned with the luxurious standards expected from the Autograph Collection. The design incorporated culturally relevant elements to resonate with the Chinese audience, making them feel welcome and connected to the brand.
  2. Technical Performance: To ensure optimal website performance, we hosted the website on Aliyun cloud, a reliable and secure cloud service provider in China. This strategic decision not only improved website speed and stability but also ensured compliance with local regulations. In addition, content delivery was optimized through a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to reduce loading times and enhance user experience.
  3. Fast Responsiveness: Our development team focused on creating a website that would deliver a seamless and fast user experience. They optimized the site for both desktop and mobile devices to cater to the preferences of the Chinese market, where mobile usage is particularly prominent.
  4. Tight Timeline Management: One of the most significant challenges was the need to meet a tight timeline for the website launch. We collaborated efficiently to streamline the development process and ensure the website’s timely delivery.


Increased Bookings: The website’s successful launch directly translated into a boost in bookings for the new Autograph Collection property. The visually appealing design, along with the efficient user experience, contributed to an enhanced online reservation process.

Traffic from Online Advertisements: The website attracted substantial traffic through online advertisements. With the appealing design and fast, responsive interface, the website effectively converted this traffic into bookings, demonstrating the effectiveness of the digital marketing efforts.

High Traffic Performance: The website demonstrated its capability to handle high traffic at peak times. This was a critical success factor, as Marriott Hotels aimed to provide an exceptional user experience even during periods of increased demand, such as holidays and special promotions.

In conclusion, this strategic collaboration with Marriott Hotels to create a Chinese-facing website for their new Autograph Collection property in Sanya, China, exemplifies how a well-executed digital solution can yield remarkable results. The project’s success underscores the importance of meticulous design, technical performance, and efficient timeline management when launching a new website in a competitive and dynamic market.

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