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Case Study


WeChat Mini Program for Clean Water Access in Chinese Orphanages


Splash, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing clean water filters to government orphanages across China, had come close to achieving their goal of ensuring 100% of these orphanages had access to clean water. At this juncture, they shifted their focus towards ensuring the long-term sustainability of these projects.

The challenge that lay ahead was how to ensure that these orphanages and the children they served would continue to have reliable access to clean water. Splash recognized the need for routine communication and an affordable maintenance solution to support their 1,300+ partner sites. Initially, phone support was used, but the company faced difficulties guiding their partners through the operation and maintenance of the filter systems they had donated.


In response to this challenge, Splash identified WeChat as one of the most suitable platforms in China to provide the necessary support for ensuring that each partner could effectively maintain their filter systems.

Simultaneously, Splash was utilizing Salesforce to manage its global site data, maintenance records, and contact history. Integrating WeChat with the Salesforce database was a critical component of their solution. This integration allowed Splash to provide more accurate assistance to each partner.


The introduction of the WeChat platform yielded promising results. Many of the orphanages expressed their willingness to use WeChat to maintain the donated water filters. With improved instructions that included categorized issues, tutorial videos, ticket submission, and real-time chat, partner orphanages became more capable of replacing annual parts and addressing issues as they arose.

Furthermore, the use of WeChat reduced the workload for Splash’s central office. They were now able to automatically send specific reminders and messages to each orphanage through the WeChat platform, further streamlining the support and maintenance process. This integration not only improved the sustainability of the clean water projects but also enhanced the overall efficiency of Splash’s operations.

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