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For over 10 years Eggplant Digital has been providing expert services for overseas businesses seeking to enter China. Our unique experience can provide lasting benefits to your business.

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What do we specialize in?

We help you navigate China’s complicated online digital landscape

Consulting & Discovery

Expert advice goes a really long way on entering a new market like China. Let out experts guide the way through the cultural and technological hurdles China will throw at you, with our team of local and foreign experts.

Creative Design

A creative design thats done well not only looks good, but generates results. We create designs that connect with a Chinese viewpoint and take your brand to the next level.

Custom Development

Exciting possibilities await your business if you are ready to embrace new technologies that directly reach out to your customers in China. We take an innovative approach to bring your Chinese customers closer, with WeChat and mobile app development.

Support & Maintenance

Never worry about your China website again. Our support team will keep your website updated, schedule automated offsite backups, external security scans, and more.

Website Cloud Hosting

For clients registered in China we offer fast, secure and reliable managed Alicloud hosting, or for clients without a registered office in China we provide the next best thing with cloud-powered WordPress Hosting in Hong Kong.

Localization & Translation

Translating directly from your English content will result in a loss of meaning for Chinese customers. Our content writers take the essence of your English content, but write it from the point of view of your Chinese customers, bringing out the unique benefits of your products and services in a way they’ll understand and enjoy.


Eggplant Digital works across multiple industries, providing the best-fit China web design solutions for your business. In fact, with a rich experience in so many industries, we are best placed to provide the strategic advice you need.

Industries We Serve
Professional Services
Professional Services
Real Estate
Real Estate


For the past decade Eggplant Digital has been successfully delivering online strategies in China for clients within a wide-variety of industries from around the world, such as Toshiba, Marriott Hotels and Lotus Cars.

Navigating the China market is complicated, and marketing, design and technology strategies that work outside of China, will most likely fail here.

Your companies success will be based on how well your digital agency guides your approach to China. Eggplant Digital has a rich understanding of the delicate differences within China culture and also fundamentally understands the western mindset.

We are the best fit because we save our clients time and money by developing and implementing strategies that work in China.

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