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Case Study


Boosting Brand Visibility Through Digital Initiatives


Blistex is a distinguished family-owned brand, who excels in crafting premium lip care products proudly made in the USA. With a global footprint spanning over 80 countries and regions, Blistex stands at the forefront of innovation within the lip care sector.

Recognizing the importance of strengthening their online presence and expanding their reach in China, Blistex engaged Eggplant Digital for the design and development of websites for their Chinese Blistex and Stridex brands. Additionally, they entrusted Eggplant Digital with China based hosting services and the execution of a captivating photo shoot featuring Chinese models endorsing Blistex products.


Web Design and Localization:
Eggplant Digital embarked on the mission to create, design, and produce meticulously localized websites and content for the Blistex and Stridex brands. Despite having a well-established distributor, Blistex understood the significance of bolstering their online presence to complement their offline sales channels. Eggplant Digital crafted tailor-made websites that not only offered comprehensive information but also seamlessly integrated with the distributors’ storefronts on Chinese e-commerce platforms such as Tmall and JD.

Marketing Strategy:
Eggplant Digital harnessed a comprehensive marketing strategy to drive traffic to the newly designed websites and elevate brand recognition. This included a strategic deployment of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising on the Chinese search engine, Baidu. Furthermore, they fostered partnerships with local content creators to generate compelling narratives on video streaming platforms and social e-commerce platforms. These narratives centered around customer testimonials and endorsements, catalyzing a significant surge in consumer awareness and engagement within the Chinese market.

Professional Photography:
Recognizing the importance of local models and styles for the website and marketing images. Eggplant Digital produced a photoshoot featuring a team of Chinese models and a seasoned professional photographer in a studio environment. The resultant photographs not only added an artistic dimension but also lent a relatable and human touch to the brand image.



The collaborative efforts of Blistex and Eggplant Digital yielded impressive results:

Elevated Website Traffic: Through strategic PPC advertising on Baidu, the websites for both Blistex and Stridex witnessed a upswing in visitor numbers, which elevated brand visibility.

Amplified Consumer Awareness: The partnership with local influencers and content creators on video streaming and social e-commerce platforms fostered an enthusiastic buzz around Blistex products. This translated into higher consumer awareness within the Chinese market.

Polished Brand Image: The integration of Chinese models and high-quality studio photography created a professional and approachable identity to the brands. This enables a deeper, more personal connection with the local audience.

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