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Website migration to China based WordPress Aliyun server for global laboratory research group EAG...


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EAG provides expertise in materials and engineering sciences to help their clients accelerate innovation, ensure quality and safety, and protect intellectual property. We worked closely with the US marketing team to migrate, support and host a Chinese version of the EAG website.


To begin with EAG was operating their Chinese website from a US based server. However there were significant speed issues from within China due to the China firewall, which can limit the visibility or speed of a website hosted outside of China. As EAG already had registered entity in China, we were able to provide a hosting solution in China for them.

With our Chinese customer service team working closely with the Chinese team in Shanghai, we began by selecting the right server and infrastructure for their WordPress based website. We then supported them to collect all the documents required to apply for an ICP Number, we completed the application and received the ICP Number within a few weeks.

Eggplant Digital’s server engineers then setup the server stack on Aliyun, optimized for the China market. We reviewed the website code as well, to ensure the site was optimized for the China market. We then published the site and began to provide support services via our helpdesk and WordPress Care Plan.


Since separating and migrating the Chinese website from the US global site, the speed and access to the Chinese website has dramatically improved. It has also freed the marketing team to make the Chinese version of the website more relevant to the China market, allow an improved marketing strategy.

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