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Why Adding Videos To Your Blog Can Be Extremely Helpful

If you have wondered what you can do to your blog to make it stand out more and be more attractive to users, have you tried using video in your blog?  Many bloggers do not even consider video when making their blog, but I recently came across 5 reasons why adding a video to one’s blog is extremely beneficial:

  1. Videos Set Your Blog Apart from Other Blogs – By using a video in your blog instead of the normal GIF or embedded YouTube video, you are making a concerted effort to make yourself more visible to the world wide web.
  2. People Like Videos – Just think of YouTube when you doubt how powerful videos can be on the internet.  YouTube hosts over 4 billion videos daily and is the second largest search engine in the world.  Using videos in your website keeps your old readers involved in your content and entices new readers.
  3. Readers Want to Hear and See You – Follows of your blog or website already are interested in what you have to say.  By putting a voice and a face with your words just makes the relationship you have with your audience that much more personal.
  4. Reach More People – Videos are not only cool to put in your website or blog; they also help with SEO, especially when hosted by YouTube.  Search engines love when you have videos posted, so by adding that one extra kind of content, you have opened the door to a much bigger audience.
  5. People Get More Out of Videos – Almost half of the world’s population is considered to be visual learners, so by including videos in your website or blog, your audience will be able to learn more from having the content presented in a visual manner.

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