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4 Simple Steps to Make Your Photos More Appealing for SEO

For all the bloggers out there, I recently came across an article outlining 4 simple steps you can take to increase the appeal of the photos on your blog for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes:

  1. Optimize the file name of your photos by renaming the photos to something distinguishable before uploading it to your blog.  For example, instead of leaving the photo named “4839291.jpg,” change the name to something like “boy-shooting-basketball.”
  2. Since search engines use the alt attribute field to determine the content of the image, you should put a description of your images in this alt field using keywords before uploading the image to your blog.  If you are using WordPress, upload the image using the “Add Image” function, and then in the “Alternative Text” field, add the description of the image.
  3. Make sure to fill in the title attribute of the image as well using the same method from the “Add Image” function in WordPress.  This is important because the title is what shows up when the cursor hovers over your image.
  4. Use keywords of your images a lot in the description of the image, title and text of your blog post.  This makes it so that when people search for those specific keywords using search engines, your blog post is more likely to show up since it has used those keywords multiple times.

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