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Improve your WordPress site security

One of the website developers at Eggplant Digital suggested a few tips on how to make your WordPress install harder: In order of importance: 1. Keep your WordPress install up to date. 2. NEVER leaving the generic username ‘admin’ as…

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Facebook WordPress Plugin Has Issues

The official WordPress plugin for Facebook, while having unique features like a floating widget at the bottom of the page that recommends content to users on your website that has been popular on Facebook, has been having some problems as…

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Google Adds Recommendation Feature to +1

Google has just recently announced a new feature for its Google+ members.  Now, when members put the “+1” button on their site, users will be able to see recommendations for other related content on your site when they hover over…

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Google Analytics Set Up Instructions

Instruction for Setting Up Google Analytics Account Go to the Google Analytics Website – Click Here. If you do not already have a Google account, click “Sign Up Now” (located on the left of the sign-in box) to create your…

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FCHK Website Launch Coming Soon

We are currently working on the final touches on a new website for FCHK. FCHK represents a brand new evolution in influential marketing as an interactive promotional platform within a contest community. They host, facilitate and aggregate contests on the…

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