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How Can I Sell On WeChat?

Since the end of 2019 WeChat reported over 1 billion monthly active users, and still growing. WeChat is huge and with its array of killer features it has become the default choice for China’s massive number of smartphone users. The…

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Case Study: After School Activities Online Registration

Objective Sports Beijing provides high quality youth sport and activity programs. Recently they hired us to develop a special application website that would allow parents to register their children for After School Activities (ASA) in an easy-to-use fully online platform. The objective was…

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Selling Ebooks Online

With the rise of iPad as an ebook reader, ebook publishing and selling ebooks online can now escape the daunting costs of publishing a paperback book. With the addition of a few online services, we can also publish directly to…

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How To Design a Teen-Targeted Website

Designing websites for specific user groups is never easy, but the key to creating a great website for your specific demographic is understanding your audience. Teens are one such specific group and it is often wrongly assumed that they: just…

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Stats on Mobile Usage in China

Mobile usage in China is surging at a crazy rate! Young people in China will not be seeking to get their first desktop computer or laptop, but will looking to buy an iPhone or an Android based smartphone or tablet…

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