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Case Study: After School Activities Online Registration


Sports Beijing provides high quality youth sport and activity programs. Recently they hired us to develop a special application website that would allow parents to register their children for After School Activities (ASA) in an easy-to-use fully online platform.

The objective was to move from a purely paper-based approach, to a self-service online platform that would save them time, confusion and headaches.


Using WordPress we had to make sure the website wouldn’t confuse parents, so we focused on a simple one-click workflow. To create this we used ‘wireframes’ to draw out the pages so from early stage Sports Beijing could make adjustments according to their experience.

Once the layouts and workflow had been confirmed, we developed the website using WordPress as a powerful tool to manage all registrations.

Key Frontend Features

  • Parents can be identified by an existing email in the system
  • Parents can select activities for their child or children
  • Parents can checkout online and get an order for payment offline

Key Admin Features

  • Import parents + children lists
  • Manage orders & activities
  • Manage the registration for activities
  • Reports for sales and signups for each activities
  • Export class lists of each activity


Within a few days of the program launch over 75% of parents had registered, logged in and used the website to make their order. This has saved the team time and increased overall parent satisfaction. Also the School had previously hoped to make the activities available on a first come first serve basis, but that has only been possible since the introduction of this platform as it tracks the number of enrolled students for each activity to see when it is full.


The Future

Since the launch of the website we are collecting feedback on the user experience of the parents and also Sports Beijing to see what improvements can be made, and we will begin planning improvements for the next version soon.

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