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Are You Up To Date With Your Site Design For 2015?

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Despite being a little way into the year, there’s still a lot of time to go and a lot of work to do.

Every year things change in the world of the web, and 2015 is no different. Let’s have a look at emerging trends in web design for this year, so you can keep ahead of the game for your business.

Get Straight To The Point

Clunky old websites filled with unnecessary design just look terrible now. Gone are the days of adding features for the sake of it. It sounds like a cliché, but these days, less really is more.

2015 is continuing the path of 2014 by stripping down what’s on the page, so that people have more of a chance to get to the important stuff on your site – this is crucial for businesses.

Simple examples of this are smarter choices of fonts, clearer web copy, and nice tidy lay-outs.

Flat Design

Flashy websites are now a thing of the past. Flat design is the way forward right now. Flat design allows a classic minimal feel combined with a functional approach to the look of a website. Apple have lead the way on this and it has been commonly adopted as a style for one simple reason – it really works.

Clear space, well-layed out content, solid colours, with clear buttons and links are now all strong and practical features.

Wearable Tech

As we’ve discussed before in previous articles, smaller screens are having a huge influence on the design of web pages. Wearable tech is only going to push that process on further as viewable screen size shrinks more.

As a result it has never been more important to emphasise intuitive design and content.

Larger text and a more direct approach to layouts will be needed to support users of smaller screens. Apple’s watch is going to lead a huge change in  awareness and demand for wearable devices. Expect web design trends to follow suit.


Most people have barely noticed, but use of touch screens has naturally changed the length of many webpages, thanks to now ubiquitous smartphones and tablets. Clearly scrolling down a  page is much easier than clicking buttons to navigate around a website. Scrolling feels more natural and can allow for new content to be loaded as the user scrolls on longer pages.

A few years ago people were clicking around like crazy – now, they scroll.


Bigger fonts are making a bigger impact. A lot of content heavy websites are now scaling up their font sizes to make their message more digestible. A lot of e-commerce sites are now doing the same.

Infographics are now a popular way of presenting information in a clear and quick manner. It’s a good time to consider employing bigger fonts and more image-styled graphics on your site to increase the ease of engagement from users.

Is your website 2015 ready? If not, consider checking out what options you have for bringing your online presence up-to-date. These changes are here because they are already making a positive difference to businesses worldwide and could help you too.

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