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Google Changes The World Of Mobile Web Forever

A little while back, we published an article titled “Why A Responsive Website Is The Smart Choice”.

If you missed it, then it might be a good idea to go and have a quick read before you continue. Hopefully you now know what a responsive website is, and why it’s good for your business. Should you just take our word for it? Definitely not…The mighty Google has something to say too!

Beginning this month (April 21st 2015), Google will be checking your website and deeming it mobile friendly, or not as the case may be. Here’s a quick guide to what it means for your business and why….

A Crash Course In SEO

S.E.O (search engine optimisation) is how search engines (such as Google, Bing,Yahoo and Baidu) choose to rank your website. The better your SEO, the higher your ranking for a specific group of words (keywords), and therefore the more your website is within reach of casual searchers.

There are many ways to improve you SEO and there is a whole industry geared towards helping you to do that.

What The Google Mobile Update Is All About

This Google update means that the world’s most popular search engine is now favouring websites which pass it’s mobile friendly test. The test is a pass or fail test, with each page on any given website being treated individually.

If your website has been created with different pages at different times, then some pages may pass whereas others might fail.

Google has reported that if a page passes the test then it will improve it’s rankings in searches done from a mobile phone.

So What Does This Have To Do With My Business?

Good question. Many businesses out there are dependant on Google for a lot of their customers. If you are one, then Google’s new changes are very important. If you are not, then it’s still worth noting, that by not having a mobile friendly website you are slowly but surely limiting yourself to a shrinking number of users looking for you on a desktop or laptop.

You may not even know it, but Google doesn’t just help people find you for the first time- it also helps people to find you even through they already know about you. For example, if you can’t remember who we ( are exactly, then you could just type “Web Design Beijing” into Google, and hey presto- there we are on page one. This is a common situation for many people who quickly forget company names or details- Thanks Google!

In addition it means that Google, by far the biggest player in the search industry is now saying that mobile search is hugely important. If Google is now saying this, then you as a business owner should be listening and taking note.

               From today mobile friendly websites are not just a good idea,
but a necessity.

In 2014 mobile usage went up 14% to a quarter of all web usage. In 2015 many website owners are now reporting that hand held devices (smartphones and tablets) are now making up more than 50% of all traffic.

Will You Pass Or Fail?

Kindly, Google have provided a simple tool for you to check if you’re website is mobile friendly or not. Simply to go to Google’s Mobile Friendly Test Page and type in the URL of your website. You should get a clear result after about a minute.
Don’t forget that if you are inside China and doing this test, you will need a VPN to access the service.

Google’s Mobile Testing Page:

Benefits To Moving With The Times

Clearly it’s a watershed moment in the life of the internet and the way we go about sending information.While the driver for change is the ability to compete for mobile search traffic, there are numerous benefits to re-working a website for a mobile audience, including a better user experience, longer time on site and higher conversion rates (the number of visitors who buy or sign up). In short-mobile is paying significantly more dividends now.

As a business it’s totally worth checking over your presence on the web. Although there will be a cost to updating and upgrading your site to make it mobile-friendly, it’s a smart move considering that the cost of doing so will be offset by it’s improved usability to potential customers.
These people will remain on your site for longer and ultimately push your sales higher- and on mobile, they can do it from anywhere, anytime!!

If there’s anything on this topic you’d like to know more about, drop us an e-mail and we’ll happily answer your query in a future post. Alternatively, drop in and see us at our shiny new office for some help.

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