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Using WordPress In China: Don’t Get Confused


Using WordPress in China for the newcomer can be a daunting prospect. Finding hard facts about how to set up your blog, or whether you can access it in the P.R.C is tough. This isn’t helped by the continual changes employed by the government censors on an almost daily basis- most of which don’t actually affect WordPress, but do not help WP users as the Great Firewall chat is very much a hearsay conversation. However, this guide should give you a reasonable roadmap with which to begin your journey of using WordPress in China or implement changes to ensure you can continue to blog, or use the world’s favourite website building tool without interruption in the PRC.

China: is a blogging platform designed to be really convenient for the first time user- and it is! You don’t need to install anything and you can be publishing to the web within minutes. For more details, check out IS BLOCKED IN CHINA

China: is a slightly different animal. This is where you can get under the bonnet of WordPress. Using this version you can install WordPress on an appropriate server. In addition, you can add features, personally backup your site and customise it to your needs.  You can turn this version of WordPress into almost any kind of site you like. IS NOT BLOCKED IN CHINA

However, there are a few little points that need to be acknowledged when considering using in China.

Where Should You I Put My Server?

If you are using WordPress in China and you want to use a server inside the PRC, then you will need an ICP license (a website permit) from the Chinese government. This could take up to 2 months and like most pieces of informational administration, can be a real pain.

If you are using WordPress in China, you can also put your server outside China. This way you can set up a basic website pretty quickly and not have to concern yourself with any PRC politics of any nature.

But won’t my site be blocked if it’s outside the great firewall? Maybe. Some hosting companies are blocked by the firewall, and some are not. If you want to read our advice on where to place your server + deal with some of the issues with setting up WordPress in China check out our recent article. We’re not publishing a list of China safe servers as this information can change regularly. If you’re interested in setting up a WordPress site for use inside the PRC then probably the best thing to do is drop us an e-mail when you’re ready and we can give you an up to date guide.

How Do I Check What Is Blocked In China?

If You Are Currently Outside China and you want to know if any specific website is blocked, then use This won’t be able to tell you if a particular service provider is blocked, but you may be able to use it to give you an indication of which site you can’t access from within the PRC.
If you are interested to know more about the details of China’s internet restrictions, then the most comprehensive source of information

For other tips on the Chinese firewall and using WordPress in China go to:

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  1. Hey,

    I was just wondering you happened to have an up to date list of servers that are currently “China safe”?

    Looking to setup a website using WordPress for a market in China and just wanted to know what sites aren’t currently blocked at the date of writing this message.

    Any reply would be hugely appreciated.

    Kind regards

  2. Hey,
    What about the ARE YOU HUMAN capture on login that uses a google api?

    I can’t login to my UK hosted wordpress sites although I can access them because of this?

    Any tricks to get access?

    Thanks in advance!


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