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The Main Mistakes Businesses Make Creating Websites

Getting your website right can be make or break for your marketing campaign. Pay attention to this list to better understand how to prepare your website for battle and create more value for your business.

Don’t Rush It!

This is business, and time is money- we all know that. One big mistake that first time website buyers make is with the timeframe and schedule of the project. Doing things fast is good, but rushing decisions is bad. If there’s not enough time to consider the details of the project, the quality will go down, no matter how much money you spend, or how good your team is.

Don’t Mess Around With Flashy Design

Many people are too concerned with flashy design and a website for show. Your customers don’t care about fancy graphics and overly complicated design. If you don’t believe me, look at Apple’s website! The other most important fact of websites today, is that more and more visitors come via mobile – clunky and overcomplicated designs simply won’t work there, and you’ll lose customers.
A good website should be designed with one thing in mind – helping your customers to buy from you. Stick to that principle in every step of the process, and you’ll have a much more successful sales tool.

Don’t Miss Calls To Action

Visitors need help. they need to know your process and what to do next. They need guiding through the site, to your sale.
Provide them with clear calls-to-action so that they head for the pages you want + can move to the next stage of the discovery or buying process. Have a quick browse of your website. Are you telling your visitors what you want them to do? If not it’s time to take action!

Cutting Corners On Budget

There are lots of people who can build websites nowadays. That’s a good thing in some ways and bad in others. It’s good as there is more information available when you want to know about sites. The bad effect is that there are a lot of people making cheap, sub-standard websites.
There’s a simple analogy for this:
A website is like a car. A cheap one will get you from A to B….but more than likely you’ll have problems at some point in the near future. It’s better to buy something you know you can rely on from a trusted brand.
Frequently buying cheap websites from freelancers can seem like a good idea in the short term, but often customers find that there is no one to help if things go wrong later on. In addition cheaper options often don’t take into account all the time needed to carry out the process thoroughly, so things can often go wrong.

Content Out Of Date

Visitors expect great content these days. The web is full of fantastic websites with great articles, images and video on almost anything you care to think of. 
One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is not paying attention to the content on their site.
In addition, most companies think that because they can write an e-mail, that means they know how to write to optimise for sales -wrong. 
Writing good articles for your blog + punchy sales copy for your customers is a professional job. It takes skill and practice to get right. Words are powerful in selling – choose them carefully.
Secondly, updating the site is critical. Too many companies don’t maintain their sites and then wonder why they lose customers to the competition.

Trying to target everyone

Marketing to more than a targeted audience is both ineffective and expensive. Facebook is currently used by billions of people. It started by focusing on one university campus. The company pursued growth for Facebook only after that original market of students was perfectly served and the service was ready for other people to join. The trick was not to grow too quickly in the early stages while the site was being improved. Making some mistakes in front of a few people is much better than making them when you have thousands or millions!

If you’ve run into other problems when dealing with your site, let us know. It is our job after all…fill out the form below with any questions or confusions. We can help!

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