Save Your Business Money With Your Tablet – The Tips Continue!

Here is the second part of our article on the power of the tablet. Check out the first part if you missed it, we want you to work that touchscreen!

Manage Documents
Most people stick to a laptop or desktop for file management. However, the ability of a tablet to deal with more tasks around file sharing and organization is increasing rapidly. The growth of the cloud has been fantastic for those wanting to access files on the move. Dropbox has come out as the clear leader in online storage due to it’s great interface and soft sell approach, but there are many providers to choose from. Google drive is another good free one, and Baidu is a useful option for those of you inside the not-so-great firewall of China.

Editing And Creating On The Move
In the same way that we want to be able to manage documents more effectively on a tablet, we also want to be able to edit them. It’s such a timesaver to be able to quickly rewrite a word document on the subway or send an e-mail while in the dentist’s waiting room. You can now use a tablet to receive contracts, and sign them using electronic signature software (which is fully authorized by banks).   Adobe’s EchoSign is a solid package for signing process from a table.

Conduct Inventory
Inventory can be a big worry in products businesses. Having a custom-made app to deal with your specific business can remove big headaches in the day-to–day running of your operation. An inventory tracker can be synchronized across platforms so that the website, retail store and salesman can all be completely synchronized minute-by-minute.

Larger tablets are the ideal size and level of convenience to be perfect for looking at graphs and figures on the move.

Track Time
Want to know how much time you are spending on each job or contract? Head over to Toggl, or Timr for time tracking software. They all have apps available for tablets. If you are billing hourly, then this feature will save you a lot of headaches when billing clients. When away on business trips or when working from home, keeping an accurate time-log is invaluable.

Get Paid Faster
Okay, now we’re down to the serious part of tablets: You can issue estimates, send invoices, and scan your receipts. With FreshBooks or QuickBooks, you can manage your accounting direct from the tablet.
If you think that shiny new Nexus 10, iPad3, or Kindle is just for entertainment, think twice. As this list suggests, there are more apps and mobile tools available to small businesses than ever, at a price point from free to low cost, to make running a business easier. Oh, and don’t forget to get a good wireless keyboard.

How are tablets changing the way your business operates? Look out for our article on the power of the custom app coming soon. If you want to talk iOS or Android apps, then get in touch with us here at Eggplant Digital because apps are what we do!

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