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Put Your Latest Blog Post In Your Email Signature

A great way to promote your blog is to include your latest posts in your email signature. This way every time someone opens an email from you, they get reminded of your blog and hopefully will pay a visit.

alex_eggplant_email_signitureOn the left is an example of my email signature, which also includes links to my Linkedin page, Facebook page and Eggplant Flickr account. These are also pretty useful in getting colleague’s, clients and friends to connect with you.

To add Social Networking Links, Blog Posts, Instandt Messenger details and more, you simple need to use two things, Mozilla FireFox and this neat little addon. FireFox is the already hugely popular open source web browser. One of the coolest features of FireFox is all the great addons it has which extend its functionality. Wisestamp is one such plugin that helps you to create enhanced email signatures for your webmail services such as Gmail ,Yahoo Mail ,AOL and Hotmail.

If you are already using FireFox, just {click this link} to begin installing the plugin, if you are not using FireFox, download and install it first here. Once everything is installed, you will see a small icon in the bottom right of the browser (Hint: it look like a small stamp). Click on this to bring up some options > then click on ‘Edit Signature’.

Within the new window panel that pops up you will see a blank form where you can type in your details, plus input fields in the bottom half of the panel where you can add your Social Profiles, Instant Messenger Connections and your RSS feed.

Under the RSS feed you will be able to add your blog RSS feed. From this Wisestamp will then automatically grab your latest post and add it into you email signature.

Hopefully this will help to brighten up your emails. Try it out!

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