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Improve your WordPress site security

One of the website developers at Eggplant Digital suggested a few tips on how to make your WordPress install harder: In order of importance: 1. Keep your WordPress install up to date. 2. NEVER leaving the generic username ‘admin’ as…

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Facebook WordPress Plugin Has Issues

The official WordPress plugin for Facebook, while having unique features like a floating widget at the bottom of the page that recommends content to users on your website that has been popular on Facebook, has been having some problems as…

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Block spam with Antispam Bee

Antispam Bee is a great WordPress plugin for protecting your website and blogs from digital spam called Antispam Bee.  Antispam Bee detects comment and trackback spam and even includes statistics and notifications about the spam being blocked.  Download it now…

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Adding ShareThis to your China WordPress Website

Whenever you have read something really interesting, probably the first thing you want to do is tell all your friends, family and distant relatives what was so interesting about it. Luckily there’s now an easy way of sharing with that information with the people you know using a very useful and handy little tool called “ShareThis”. As a writer of blogs or articles it allows you to add the functionality of letting people share your article without too much fussing around. As a user it allows you to tell your friends about anything interesting you’ve read and to store it in your favorite bookmark website for future reference.

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