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An exciting HR tool that connects graduates exclusively from the Australian Group of Eight (Go8) Universities with AustCham and CCOIC member companies.

An online platform for Chinese students from The Group of Eight (Go8) universities — Australia’s eight leading research Universities — with a unique opportunity to gain direct employment exposure to the most renowned companies in China, in addition to Australian companies operating in China.

Solution: Eggplant Digital was hired to create this bilingual platform. Go8 university graduates create a profile and upload their qualifications. Advanced profile search function is provided to AustCham and CCOIC member companies. Upon finding a viable candidate, these companies can initiate a conversation regarding job opportunities with students through this platform.

Result: fills gaps in the current job-hunting ecosystem for Chinese graduates at Australian universities. Students returning to China can now effectively connect with employers looking for graduates who have an understanding of Australia. Secondly, provides companies with a platform to find graduates that meet their requirements and understand Australian culture.


The China-Australia Chamber of Commerce (AustCham) was established in 1996 and has as its goal the advancement of the broader Australia-China business relationship through the effective representation of its 250 members.

Chinese Chamber of International Commerce (CCOIC) is a powerful government-affiliated organization made up of 50,000 China’s biggest companies, it is chiefly responsible for international advocacy on behalf of Chinese companies.

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