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SR Global

SR Global is an events holding organization to give more people around the world the opportunity to benefit from its life-changing education.

Problem: As the largest seminar company in the world, SR Global’s live education events have had 10 million participants, with over 500 events held in over 35 countries every year. They’ve impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands, and targeted to build up a platform to further benefit their active members and connect more people in need.

Solution: The platform is called NewTycoon, it offers an incredible opportunity for members to be educated meanwhile to grant financial rewards. Eggplant Digital developed it on WeChat official account in the 1st phase. With the big growth of users and in order to adapt to countries where WeChat is not widely used, Eggplant Digital made the platform running on mobile web browser in the 2nd phase.

Result: Being launched for the first 3 months reached 4 markets in Singapore, Malaysia, UK and Australia. US is their next goal and more countries to come. Eggplant Digital keeps providing support to refine all the features to cater the large business.

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