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How Can I Sell On WeChat?

In the second quarter of 2015 WeChat reported 600 million monthly active users, and growing. WeChat is huge and with its array of killer features it has become the default choice China’s growing number of smartphone users. The app started out life as a messaging service, but it’s monetisation strategy was based around the WeChat wallet ( replacing cash and cards) and creating a strong mobile e-commerce platform through WeChat shopping.

If for any reason you haven’t yet heard of WeChat then check out our article introducing the platform. Which should guide you through the basics.

What is a WeChat Shop?
You can create a WeChat shop inside your WeChat App or you can also set one up via a third party platform such as Weidian (WeChat’s largest).

One of the greatest values of a WeChat shop is that is gives your customers really simple access to products in addition to a super simple way to pay (WeChat wallet) all included within the app.

Customer Service Features

As a customer service channel WeChat works in a way that other platforms can only dream of.

Buy now it is very clear that WeChat is by far the most popular communication tool in China (Personally, I spend more time on WeChat than e-mail, text and e-mail combined for personal use). We are now seeing that users are seeking out public accounts of businesses in order to find answers to customer service queries. In this way users are driving the future of the app and demonstrating that WeChat is their preferred channel to seek answers for your business after they have bought inside the WeChat ecosystem.

Users can write their questions or even speak them (a feature almost unheard of anywhere else on the web) which are delivered via the API to your official WeChat public account. This is a fairly understated, yet groundbreaking step. Making it as easy as touching a screen and talking makes it almost effortless for your customers to give you the all valuable feedback you need to improve your relationship them.

Get Advanced Information On Your Customers

A WeChat shop will also allow you to identify which of the users following your account are customers. You can track their buying habits, which will give you valuable data which is valuable in customising the content for your future marketing campaigns.

How Can I Open A WeChat Shop?

First you’ll need to create  a WeChat service account. If you need some more information on this then check out either this article if you are a business registered in China, or this article if you are not registered for business in China.

After you’ve created your WeChat service account, you can create mobile web pages to feature products and services. From there you’ll be able to unlock instant payments from over 600 million potential customers.

If you have any other queries around the mighty WeChat, shoot us an e-mail and we’ll more than likely feature it on the blog. Alternatively if you’re getting confused or stuck on actually carrying out any of these processes, drop us a message and we’ll be happy to help.

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  1. Hi, we are a consultancy firm based in Singapore and I would like to find out more about setting up a WeChat store for our clients.

    Just curious, must I use a third-party e-commerce platform (like Weidian/Youshop) to set up a WeChat shop? Or the WeChat shop can be set up on WeChat itself?

    As much as most sources say that it is free, what are also some of the entry fees and marketing fees involved?

    I look forward to your reply. Thank you!

  2. Does wechat set up website for me or do I need tos et it up myself? Do you have recommendations for website builders ?
    Thanks for your reply.

  3. Hi There! I’m interested in selling digital content (short pdfs) on WeChat. Is there a secure digital content delivery system for WeChat? I know e-commerce platforms in the US like Shopify allow Sendowl integrations so users can’t print the content they buy or share access with other people. As of now, all I can think of is manually sending out secure PDFs via email once payment is made on WeChat. Any help?

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