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Eggplant Digital is an agency with humble beginnings, and in just 10 years has become the market leader for Digital Marketing, WeChat Development and Web Design in China.

In the early days, our founder, Alex Dodkin, started the company as a one-man-and-his-Mac operation. Through tenacity, determination, hard work and a love of coding he built the company from the ground up. Despite the odds, the hard work and perseverance paid off and Eggplant is proud to help hundreds of clients from across the globe enter the ever more lucrative Chinese market.

Today we are a company with 15 employees across two offices, in Beijing and Shenzhen. Our team are some of the brightest minds in digital marketing and conversion-optimised design and we have experts in all aspects of online sales and design, including:

  • Designing and building conversion-focused Chinese websites to help you stand out in the marketplace and drive sales and sign ups
  • Creating custom WeChat Applications to reach and engage Chinese consumers
  • Executing WeChat marketing campaigns, to help you go viral in China and smash your sales goals
  • Baidu Organic Marketing (the Chinese version of Google) to rank your business, and drive traffic and sales
  • Paid Baidu Ad Campaigns, to get you right in front of your ideal audience with your targeted message

By utilising our modern design skills, marketing genius and technological know-how, we can help your business succeed in the world’s fastest-expanding market, leaving you to focus on serving your influx of new customers and clients.

Why should you use our services?

We know the Chinese market inside out. The differences in culture and purchase behaviour from West to East is staggering, and if you don’t have experience you may end up investing blindly in campaigns that work at home, but will fall flat in China.

Our years of working in the region have taught us how to engage the local market and trigger them to buy.  We know what words, offers and tactics work best, and can give you the head start to make wise investments and jump right to what will generate results in China.

When investing your marketing budget, you can not trade anything for experience and on-the-ground insight which we provide.

Combine our marketing experience with our localised website and application design skills and you get a full-service product that will get you noticed and making sales in the Chinese market.

We work closely with all our clients to provide exactly what they need (not just a generic solution) and develop apps and systems in place to begin generating interest and sales on automation. You can sit back and allow our experts to work on selling to the Chinese, while you focus on what you do best.

Who can benefit from our services?

If you’re looking to sell your product to the Chinese, and take advantage of the huge opportunities that are available right now in China, then our services are for you.

Whether you’re a new company starting up in China or an existing company who is looking to expand into the region, we can provide a tailored solution for your goals and budget.

Start your China success story today

If you’re as excited as we are about expanding your business into China, we’re here to help you and can’t wait to talk.

To get an analysis of your company’s potential in China, simply shoot us an email, or jump on the phone with us for a quick chat, and we’ll let you know right away how we can help and what results you can expect.

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