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Is Anyone Actually Reading Your Blog? (Part 1)

Today everybody is talking about how important it is to have a website for your company. You may have read about how to optimize your site with keywords and catchy headlines to pick up lots of traffic. However, many people don’t know why their visitors are there in the first place.
Sure, you might know how to pick up some of the traffic that is already there but why do people even care to read your blog at all? What is it that will keep people interested and coming back?Read on to find out…

A few years ago, Professor Barbara Kaye at the University of Tennessee decided to perform a study on the science of why people read blogs. Eventually, she posted her findings through publishing a peer-reviewed article named “Going To The Blogs: Toward The Development Of A Uses And Gratification’s Measurement Scale For Blogs in the Atlantic Journal of Communication.
The paper, reviewed why an individual chose to read a specific blog. What were their intrinsic motivations? In her paper Professor Kaye outlined nine different reasons that readers turn to blogs for information. We’ll address the first five in this post to get you on the right road..

• Convenient Information: Since blogs are updated so often they tend to be one of the best places for information on a niche topic. A hyper-focused blog can drive a shocking amount of traffic from devoted readers who care about that niche.

• Anti-Traditional Media: Unlike large multi-billion dollar media outlets blogs feel like they are written by the people. Even though they may belong to a company who is updating the site for a reason, they still feel like a more relaxed setting. People can interact with blog content better than they can with the news on TV.

• Expression/Affiliation: A blog builds a community, and we are social creatures. Some blogs, such as a sporting or hobby blog for example, build a strong sense of community around their topic. This community is something that will keep your visitors coming back again and again.

• Seeking Guidance: Blogs are often more candid than a traditional media outlet. People like the idea of seeing the man behind the machine. They feel like they can connect with a company better if they have a regularly updated blog.

• Ambience: This is the environment that your blog creates. Is it welcoming, fun to spend time on, and a positive experience for everybody involved? Some blogs simply make people want to be there. This is often more about the graphics and layouts of your blog than the actual content.

By considering these first five reasons for blog engagement, you can adjust your site and make it truly resonate with your readers. You can get the type of site that attracts customers and also keeps them for the long haul, which is ultimately good for your business.

This list is far from over, so stay tuned for Part 2 of this series to see what else drives readers to your blog. If you have any questions in the meantime, let us know. We’re here to help!!

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  1. At least one person is reading. Blogs provide a convenient entry level introduction. They have a role, like business cards still have a roll. Neither a blog, nor a business card, should be confused with being a business, or having an adequate presence in the community though. They are an intruction, but a business relationship is made of so much more.

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