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Baidu SEO

How to use Baidu SEO For Newcomers

If you're familiar with the Chinese internet, you will know that Google is a no-go for businesses trying to forge a digital presence. With Google being blocked in China since 2010, it left space for another search engine to take…

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Google Analytics vs Baidu Analytics

Google Analytics is a familiar tool to many web developers globally and many credit its reliability and efficiency in providing accurate data that can be used to streamline marketing campaigns and track traffic on web pages. For websites created and…

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SEO Friendly URL’s For Chinese In WordPress

When using WordPress for special character websites such as Chinese, you have to be careful to manually specify the Permalinks. If you use Chinese characters for the title of a page or a post, then the Permalink that is automatically generated by WordPress will be come out in a strange format and won’t work correctly.

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