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If you’re doing business in China you can’t afford to ignore WeChat – with over 550 million daily active users, it’s the quickest tool to rapidly increase your sales. WeChat is the most proven way to increase direct engagement with your Chinese audience, through marketing, sales, and even customer service. If you are serious about China, get serious about WeChat.

WeChat Shop

Sell products & services to customers from inside your WeChat’s account. With a quality e-commerce store customised to your needs, give your customers a great experience and watch your sales improve. Chinese consumers already love buying from WeChat for daily purchases, so give them the chance to buy everyday from you, too.

WeChat Shop

WeChat Development

What if you could convert your existing app into a WeChat app? Now you can. Offer promotions, take recurring payments, or manage reports and complex data- there is almost no limit to what your WeChat solution can offer. Imagine what you want – we’ll do the rest!

WeChat Development

WeChat Advertising

Use WeChat to place targeted ads to your leads and existing customers. Select segments of your audience with specifically designed adverts, run and tracked for you. Receive reports on performance and improvements on your campaign to drive clear ROI and create more sales through WeChat advertising.

WeChat Advertisement


Now you know what we do, if you are interested in our services, please use one of the following ways to contact us:

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