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China Payments for WooCommerce

Accept China payments on your WooCommerce store. Our plugins for WooCommerce enable you to take RMB China payments in your preferred currency from partner payment gateways, including in HKD, USD, GBP, EUR and more.

WooCommerce Plugins for China Payments

STRIPE WeChat & Alipay For WooCommerce

STRIPE WeChat & Alipay for WooCommerce

STRIPE is one of the largest payment gateways out there and has a strong reputation. They also support payouts to the most currencies. Our Stripe Alipay & WeChat WooCommerce plugin integrates both Alipay & WeChat directly into your WooCommerce online store, as well the standard Credit Card options.

JGOO WeChat & Alipay For WooCommerce

JGOO WeChat & Alipay for WooCommerce

JGOO is a great option for UK based business looking to get payouts in GBP. We have worked with JGOO to create an Alipay & WeChat WooCommerce plugin that allows you to take payment easily from either payment option. Our WooCommerce plugin can also take payments directly in the WeChat browser for quicker checkout.

QFPAY WeChat & Alipay For WooCommerce

QFPAY WeChat & Alipay for WooCommerce

QFPAY is the largest global partner of WeChat Pay and Alipay and provides an additional option for Union Pay payments. Our plugin currently supports payouts to HKD, so if your business is based in Hong Kong, our Stripe Alipay & WeChat WooCommerce plugin will work directly with your WooCommerce online store.


Contact us to get China payments for WooCommerce setup on your store.

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