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Website Solutions For China

For over 10 years Eggplant Digital has been providing expert web solutions for businesses seeking to enter China.

Our Solutions

Hosting Solutions

Eggplant Digital provides managed cloud hosting solutions in both Hong Kong and Mainland China. We utilize top-tier technology to provide fastest WordPress-powered hosting for business of all sizes.

Ecommerce Solutions

Looking to sell your products in China? Whether you are based inside of China, or seeking to do cross-border ecommerce from outside of China, our ecommerce solutions includes a store designed specifically for your Chinese customers, it runs both from desktop browser, and also inside of WeChat. Our ecommerce solution also can be hooked into all the Chinese payment gateways you need including the most popular options WeChat Pay, Alipay and Union Pay.

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WeChat Solutions

With over 1 billion monthly active users, WeChat is a ubiquitous part of China daily life. What started as a chatting app, has grown into one of the only true “power apps”. If you are looking to sell or promote your business in China, you know you need to be on WeChat, but what does that actually mean? We have a number of solutions from managing your WeChat Official Account, to promoting your business through advertisement, to developing WeChat Mini-Programs and Websites that solve either a business problem or connect you with your customers.

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