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Proposed WordPress 3.5 Features

“It is proposed that WordPress 3.5 is supposed to be released on Wednesday, December 5th  The scope for feature development on the new WordPress 3.5 includes:

  1. Full Retina Support – Each design element in WordPress should either be HiDPI-supported images, or is to be converted to CSS3 shapes and gradients.
  2. Improved User Experience – Developers of WordPress are looking to improve a number of items throughout the dashboard, offering a v2 for the Welcome panel, better color picker, and improving the UI/UX for selecting a static front page.
  3. Removing “Links” – Instead they will be moved into a plugin.
  4. Customizer Improvements – Improvements for the custom header and background workflows.
  5. Improving Choosing/Selecting/Handling Images – Improve the management of galleries. Revamp the workflows inside the upload/insert media modal. Separate and simplify individual workflows, like uploading images, modifying metadata, editing an image, inserting images into posts, etc. Simplify the workflow for selecting featured images and custom headers/backgrounds from the library.”


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