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We built a WeChat support platform to enable reach their goal to provide clean water filters at 100% of government orphanages across China

Problem: Splash is nearing the goal to provide clean water filter at 100% government orphanages across China and shifting the focus to long-term sustainability of these projects. The challenge ahead is how to guarantee that these orphanages and children they continue to have reliable access to clean water. Splash needs routine communication and affordable maintenance solution to support those 1,300+ partner sites. Phone support was used however the company struggled to guide their partners through the filter system they had donated.

Solution: We believe that WeChat is the best platform in China to create a support platform to ensure each partner receives the support they need to main their filter system. Meanwhile Splash is using Salesforce to maintain their global site data, maintenance and contact history, one of the very important parts for the WeChat platform is to integrate with the Salesforce database, so every partner receives more accurate help.

Results: Many of the orphanages have indicated willingness to maintain the donated water filter through the WeChat platform. With better instructions – categorized issues, tutorial videos, ticket submission, real-time chat – those partners are able to replace annual parts and fix problems as required. Workload for Splash central office is also reduced by sending specific reminders and messages to each orphanage automatically through the WeChat platform.

Read our detailed case study here.

Services Provided:

  • WeChat App Strategy, Design & Development
  • Aliyun Hosting
  • Maintenance & Support Services
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