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animonda Petcare

WeChat Marketing for top German petcare brand animonda...


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For over 30 years, animonda Petcare has devoted themselves to the production of high-quality pet food for cats and dogs. With a product that is available in over 35 countries across the world, in 2018 animonda decided to start the journey to bring their products to China.


Eggplant Digital was chosen to support animonda in marketing activities whilst they prepare to launch their products. During the initial research phase, Eggplant Digital helped identify cat and dog breeders as the influential market for pet food and care products.

Since 2019 Eggplant Digital has created articles, and used promotion techniques to build an influential audience on animonda WeChat account. Alongside this we have implemented an authenticity solution so Chinese customers can check their canned pet food are officially from animonda’s German factory.

Next Steps

The next step are to develop e-commerce services for the WeChat audience, using affiliate QR codes for cat and dog breeders to re-sell animonda products to their customer-base.

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