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Highlight: – 10 Laws Of Social Media Marketing @ IABC Beijng Kick Off Seminar

In my second post about the recent IABC seminar, I want to write out what’s Simon Adriatico calls their ’10 Laws Of Social Media Marketing’.

Simon Adriatico – CMO @ is China’s elite social networking site for the very (very) good looking. Solely targeting China’s rising affluent class or to be more specific those who are making RMB 100,000 +  annually. is an invite only site that has managed to get 500,000 subscribers of the biggest brand loving show offs China has to offer. In order to maintain a fixed focus on their core user group and to keep a sharply defined edge that resonates with their audience, has come up with a list of top 10 laws social marketing that keeps the organisation inline.

1) Don’t Do One Night Stands

Social marketing is about building, refining and committing to a relationship with your users. Campaigns are unlikely to be successful overnight or even over a month period. It is the sustained effort to communicate back and forth with the user group that gets the results.

2) People In Social Networks ‘Do’ Things

It is important to be aware of what the members within a social network are actually doing. In this way, marketing efforts can be designed to facilitate members in what they enjoy. This is likely to make more impact on them and encourage the discussion to go outside the members network, bringing about greater brand awareness.

3) Be Nice

Within a social network with like minded people, manners are important. Talk in a way that will encourage people to talk back. This point reminds me of chat rooms in the late 90’s, it was always the guy who came in and started swearing at everyone, who got hurled with abuse and ultimately kicked out of the group.

4) Build Scalable Campaigns

Generally speaking a key idea of a social network is that it should grow. Obviously networks will come in different sizes, but the hope will always be that there are more users, more conversations, more interactions and more fun. Keeping in tune with this, marketers should think out their campaigns in order to make them scalable, so that they can grow with a network.

5) Have A Conversation

A conversation is a constant process of feedback and revision, it is not a one sided viewpoint. Marketers should be seeding conversations with what they want to say, but perhaps more than that, they should be listening to what feedback they are getting and making sure they revise the message to push the conversation along further.

6) Influence Not Interference

Social networks are about people using tools and doing things that they want to do. Anything that gets in their way becomes an interference that could potentially diminish opinions. It  comes down to this idea of seeding a campaign into a social network, rather than just planting it directly in front of the users face. Furthermore, if marketers can influence the ‘real’ influencer’s in a social network, then they could be onto something really successful.

7) Tit For Tat

A social network of ‘one’, would not be much fun. Having a profile on social network is only cool, when you know there are people who might look at it. Making sure campaigns are a two way approach where everyone benefits is important in providing an experience suitable for a social media.

8) Good Social Ideas Can Spread, Recruit & Multiply

Generally speaking there is more potential for social ideas to spread faster than with traditional media, however the strength of the idea will determine how far and how fast it will spread. If your idea sucks, then don’t expect much impact, throwing ideas around with those who have experience first is a good way to catch the bad ones before they go to far.

9) Be Measurable

There are many ways to measure what you do on the web, in fact you can have numbers coming out of your ears. But it is still hard to effectively measure ‘word of mouth’. message here was to experiment and keep coming up with new ways to try to trace actions through the discussions.

10) It Is Social Mixing Not Direct Marketing

Throw out the idea of stepping into a network and directly marketing your product, you’ll be smelt out a mile away. The point is to offer something constructive to the group that facilitates the discussion. Try to mix into the network and be a constructive member, otherwise it is all to easy to be tuned out.

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