Howto: Put Your Latest Blog Post In Your Email Signature

A great way to promote your blog is to include your latest posts in your email signature. This way every time someone opens an email from you, they get reminded of your blog and hopefully will pay a visit.

alex_eggplant_email_signitureOn the left is an example of my email signiture, which also includes links to my Linkedin page, Facebook page and Eggplant Flickr account. These are also pretty useful in getting colleague’s, clients and friends to connect with you.

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WordPress WordCamp Event In Beijing

There is an event about WordPress on 22nd August (Saturday), details as below, anyone who has interest can join in.

Organized by: WordCamp China

About WordCamp China: WordCamp China, a platform to discuss WordPress, is open to all enthusiasts, blog users and developers. The General Assembly will focus on WordPress and relevant topics of independent bloggers. Here, you can meet Bloggers and developers, you can listen to the lectures of many well-known Blogger.

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