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Oct 2017

Setting up a Website in China on Aliyun Cloud – Why & How

Russell Smith • 0 comment

There are many reasons to host your website in China. The constantly expanding market and new opportunities that open up everyday are causing more businesses to enter the market. Setting up a dedicated w[…]

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Jul 2017

Our 7-Step Winning Strategy For Advertising on Baidu

Russell Smith • 0 comment

If you're planning to expand into the Chinese market, be it a brand new venture or an established company you wish to introduce to the region, then Baidu is a powerful tool to have in your arsenal. It’s not easy though - the Baidu platform is largely in Chinese language and[…]

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Jun 2017

Why & How to Use Baidu Paid Advertising in China

Russell Smith • 1 comment

China is a burgeoning marketplace for business and one which many more businesses are tapping into each year. If you are interested in starting or growing your business in China, then there are a number of things you need to know about, not least of all Baidu. In this artic[…]

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May 2017

How to promote your WeChat Shop in China

Russell Smith • 0 comment

If you have a WeChat shop selling to the Chinese market, or plan to open one soon, you should know that getting the store up and running is only the beginning. If you want your shop to be successful, you will need two crucial things:

  1. <[…]

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Apr 2017

7 Trends in Chinese Mobile Ecommerce You Should Know About

Russell Smith • 0 comment

If you’re selling goods and services into China, then you need to be familiar with the latest trends and developments in Chinese marketing and shopping behaviour. It’s true that Chinese consumers have an almost insatiable hunger for foreign products and luxury brands, but t[…]

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Feb 2017

How To Use WeChat For Your Business – Even If You’re Not Registered In China!

Ryan Champion • 0 comment

Not registered in China? You can still use the power of WeChat for your business. Here's how... We receive enquiries all the time about trying to set up WeChat official accounts as a non-Chinese entity. WeChat official accounts are the ones where you can take payments, a[…]

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Dec 2016

7 Rules For An Effective Blog

Ryan Champion • 0 comment

Content marketing has now officially proved itself as part of any modern marketing campaign. Put simply - if you don’t have a blog, you should do. Why Do I Need Content? Why? Because you can save yourself time and money by creating content that replaces […]

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Nov 2016

How Do I Choose The Perfect Domain Name? Part 1

Ryan Champion • 0 comment

The issue of a domain name can bed dealt with in anything from seconds to months, depending on how you go about it. The success of that domain name can vary wildly, too. Do you really need the .com ? Read on to find out.... Continue Reading

Oct 2016

Your Quick Guide To The WeChat Shop

Ryan Champion • 0 comment

If you’re not a regular a WeChat user (like most non-Chinese people) then you’re probably wondering what all this WeChat stuff is all about. I gave a talk in the UK last month to a group of developers in Bristol, UK who were baffled that a shop existed inside a chat app. Surpr[…]

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Sep 2016

Why You Should Do Customer Service on WeChat

Ryan Champion • 0 comment

One side of China’s biggest app, WeChat that is often overlooked is the element of customer service. “In the west” customer service often means sending an e-mail and hoping for the best. Sitting in a queue on a call to a customer service centre that doesn’t really want to talk[…]

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  • Eggplant Digital helped us focus on exactly what we wanted the website to do and how we wanted people to interact with it. Then they built a site that exceeded all our expectations. They met every deadline, even when we missed a few ourselves. These guys are the best in the region without a doubt. They will be my first call next time around and the last call.

  • Since the site went live, a year ago, we’ve seen a significant rise in enquiries for work through the website. This has been a fantastic boost for the growth of our business. Thanks to the Eggplant team!

    Andrew Clark, Group Creative Director/DP

  • Woo hoo! Looks awesome. I am very pleased to say the least. Everyone at Eggplant, great job and thanks for the hard work.

    John Romankiewicz

  • Eggplant have been fantastic – not only do we have a great website for a reasonable price, but their technology and marketing tools for our company have exceeded my expectations.

    Mark Varley CEO

  • From their input on the initial design to their meticulous care in continuing to tweak the websites until they were exactly what we needed, I couldn’t have been more pleased with the job they did. Both their design work and back-end programming have had a profound impact on our work in China.

    Gabriel Suk - Founder

  • The site looks great and will be the envy of our industry. Thanks for being so patient with us. We can proudly say we have created the best website for a film company in China.

    David Tom

  • From the concept phase through to deployment I have been very impressed by the quality of the service delivered by Eggplant and the end result speaks for itself.Their patience in dealing with my constant queries and changes was also admirable!

    Colin Saunders - Sales and Business Development Manager

  • Thank you for all your help in creating our website, we had a great experience and we are really happy with the end result! In just a few weeks since we went live, we have already had a lot of praise from our customers about the new website! 

    Alex Wolfgram