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Auto-Forwarding Carousels Annoy and Confuse Users

Over the past few years using a carousel or accordion type slider on your homepage has been a cornerstone of website design. Let’s face it, they are an incredibly useful way to share a lot of information quickly. However, recently Nielsen’s research team have shown users can find auto-forwarding carousels to be both annoy and confuse users!

In a usability study, they set the following task to users looking at Siemens website homepage - “Does Siemens have any special deals on washing machines?”.

Despite there being a 98-point font with a washing machine promotion, one user had unexpected results:

“…the user failed the task . After an extended visit to the website — including much time scrutinizing this homepage — the user gave up and assumed that Siemens didn’t have any special deals for her. (Her concluding comment? “I wouldn’t choose [a Siemens appliance] unless I was very rich.” )”

The big take away from this article is that Nielsen’s advises “Accordions and carousels should show a new panel only when users ask for it.” 

Are you using a carousel on your website? Then make sure the information is not moving to fast for users to act!

Check out the full article over at [Nielsen’s Group]

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