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5 new features in WordPress 2.9

Wordcamp Beijing 2009

During October, Eggplant attended the Wordcamp 2009 in Beijing. Overall the event was ok, but perhaps lacking in any serious content.

One speaker Nikolay Bachiyski did give some interesting information about what to expect from the next latest and greatest version of WordPress (2.9+)

Here are a five things to look forward to:


The delete button will be swapped for a trash button, which will move items (pages, posts, media etc) to a trash bin where it can be retrieved if required. This will mean accidently deleting items will be a thing of the past!

Media Overhaul

The entire media section has been completely rewritten, including the addition of galleries,  90-degree rotation, cropping and resizing. The idea here will be the user will no longer need to ‘photoshop’ their images before they upload them.

Easier Embedding

Although this is not finalized yet, we can look forward to more improvements to the embedding of photos, videos, links etc.

WordPress Handbook

WordPress will be getting a new Handbook that will be a core basic guide to using WordPress. Nikolay mentioned an online version and also a version that can be printed out.


Not exactly a new feature of WordPress, but rather an addition to the WordPress family. GlotPress will let developers translate their favourite software. It is web-based and open-source.

According to the man himself this is what makes GlotPress special:

  • Totally usable. Not less than a desktop client. Keyboard only editing, shortcuts.
  • Very small and simple, but infinitely extensible. Just like WordPress.
  • Perfect for team collaboration.
  • Easing comin’, easy goin’. Import and export gettext files. API to be sure everything is in sync.

Developers can check it out here

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